The Radium Beerhall

"Poilitics & Religion NOT To Be Discussed In This Bar"

After  five hours of queuing at Montrose Primary, it was time to grab some lunch. I visited a joint that has long been on my to-do list, The Radium in Orange Grove.

As soon as you enter you're greeted by a scent of history, of long forgoten conversations and deferred Jozi dreams.

This is the second oldest surviving bar and grill in Johannesburg, after The Guildhall Pub & Restaurant.
The first thing I wanted to see was its original bar counter, that has apparently survived the Rand Revolt of the early 1920's was given to The Radium from the demolished Ferreirastown Hotel in the Joburg city centre. 

In the 40's it was notorious for illegally selling alcohol to black patrons in a white district.

My order : T-Bone, prime beef grilled to perfection in Radium basting source
Savanna Ad Filmed Here

Savanna adverts shot at this bar 

This Bar's a Joke (

Unplugged Band (


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