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Harold Strange Africana Collection

The Harold Strange Library of African Studies 
is one of South Africa’s major collections 
of Africana, concentrating on material south of the Zambezi River. 
Attracting researchers, authors, historians and genealogists from around the world, it is named after the Africana collector Harold Strange, 
whose collection was purchased as the nucleus of the library in 1913. 

The collection includes material on every conceivable aspect of Southern African social 
and political history and comprises manuscripts, private papers, books, periodicals, pamphlets, 
maps, newspapers and newspaper cuttings, photographs and theatre programmes. 

Strong points of the collections include African languages, literature and ethnology, Xhosa people, African mythology, Afrikaans language andlit erature, South African English literature, Anglo-Boer War (including original diaries), history of the Witwatersrand and especially Johannesburg and original maps of Africa from the 15th to 20th centuries.