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Iinkobe (Maize Kernels)

Endleleni esuka kumzi wamandulo wasekhaya(kwaMakasi), eLubhelu, eNqabarha, sasingisa eQhingqala ngeenjongo zokundwendwela idlaka leKumkani uHintsa (Ah! Zanzolo).

Safika kwikhaya lenkosi yasemaMbanjweni, safika iNkosi ikhona (Ah! Ntabozuko) sicela imvume yokusondela apho iphumle khona ikumkani. 
AmaMbanjwa asikhomba eNqadu emaTshaweni kuba bona babekwe ngamaTshawe ukugada idlaka, khonukuze sifumane imvume. 

Kodwa phambi kokuba sinduluke sahlaliswa phantsi, saba zindwendwe, saviswa izibele zasenkosini sihleli nabantu abadala, sasikelwa inyama, sabelwa iinkobe. Emva koko sasingisa eNqadu, koMkhulu.

(Imifanekiso ipapashwe ngegunya nemvume yosapho) 

Ah! Lwaganda. Ngqika, King Of The Rharhabe [1776-1829]

Another early start to the day on the morning of the 5th day of July 2015; destination:King Ngqika's grave.
Ngqika was buried at sunset on the day he died, according to full Xhosa custom inside a cattle kraal, in which oxen and cows were placed at night.

Their milling about obliterated the grave itself, in which Ngqika's karosses, clothes, ornaments, tobacco sack, pipe saddle and bridle, and the mats on which he had slept were laid beside him.

St Matthews Mission

This post was inspired by my resent read, Marguerite Poland's book, Shades. 

"The lights moved on, disappearing one by one as the procession dipped towards the drift out of sight below the ridge. There was a stillness then for he could no longer hear the horses' hooves, and only the leaves of the oak before the porch turned restlessly against each other. Beyond, where the bush reached down to the edges of the kitchen garden, the twigs of the thorn trees tapped rhythmically: a small, secret tattoo in the dark."

Sunday morning, 5th July 2015, I called on St Matthews mission, just a few kilometers outside the town of Keiskammahoek, Eastern Cape.

St Matthews Mission was founded in 1855, by Bishop Armstrong on 600 hectares of land in Keiskamahoek donated to the Anglican Church by Chief Socishe.

The first building for the mission school was built in 1855 by the Military Chaplain, Dacre, just before the arrival of the Resident Missionary, the Rev H.B. Smith who arrived in Sept…