Sixty five years on ... they’re still doing everything together

Here's an old article that appeared in the Daily Dispatch(September 26, 2007) newspaper about my grands. They were celebrating 60 years then (Diamond). 
This year, on September 25th, it'll be their 65th anniversary (Blue Sapphire) and still going strong. These are our baobab trees, where our base camp is, our roots.
Whenever we go home, we like to think of it as 'reporting back to base'.


FOUND A DIAMOND: Kholeka and Mqambane Ntloko from Butterworth celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary yesterday. Picture: ALAN EASON

‘I never use the word ‘I’ because we are one’

AN ELDERLY couple who celebrated 60 years of marital bliss yesterday said they were still looking at spending many happy days together.
Speaking to the Daily Dispatch during a visit to their Butterworth home, Kholeka and her husband the Reverend Mqambane Ntloko said their secret to a long and successful marriage was remaining tolerant to each other.
“I never use the word ‘I’ because we are one – everything we do, we do together,” said Kholeka Ntloko.
The couple met at a high school concert in 1944 – she was 18 and he was a year older.
Three years later, they tied the knot in a private wedding in Johannesburg. They are now 82 and 83 years old respectively.
“I did not notice that he was interested in me at first.
“I (just) saw this dark and tall man following me. He asked to talk to me and then we started dating. He is my boyfriend and I call him dear,” said Kholeka Ntloko laughing.
She revealed that one of the things that has kept their marriage strong was doing things together as a couple.
“It is not easy, but we have to agree when we do something – that is the right way to do things. When we argue and one of us is wrong, we don’t point fingers; we just agree that we were both wrong. That is how a marriage should be,” Kholeka Ntloko said.
Her husband said he would not be where he is now had it not been for Kholeka, as she is always a source of strength.
“She is my supporter, she motivates me in everything I do. She does everything for me, she cooks very nice food and we have the best diet ever,” said Mqambane Ntloko.
“My wife and I even share a tea bag together, we are used to doing things together.”
They have six children, including one who is a doctor in Queenstown. Kholeka said she does not believe that woman should be servants for their husbands.
Lulama Ntloko, the couple’s youngest daughter, said she does not think there is any man like her father out there.
“I have decided not to get married because I could not find a man who is like my father.
“They are perfect for each other and I have never heard them argue or my mother saying she is leaving my father,” said Lulama. 


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