The Ridge Road, from eDutywa to eDwesa, via Nqabarha

Shixini River. The old bridge on the right and the newer on the left.
Crossing Shixini River.
26 KM's, on the banks of Nqabarha River, that's where King Hintsa's resting place is.
A Xhosa chief, Ewindla Badi, who was a Tshawe and therefore of Royal descent, resided
in close proximity to where the trading station was established in Gcalekaland.
The designation of Badi was derived from his name.
Ngqondela Trading Store, later called kwaNocwane after C.W. Haselau's son,
Charles Alfred (Nocwane), took over.

Previous traders here were Phillips, Wood & Co (applied to occupy a trading site here in 1903),
Emil Haselau in 1908, Dan Durrheim ( an assistant) 1928 and C.W. Haselau (Ngqondela) in 1935

The Walls of the Old Nqabarha High School

uMthombe tree growing through walls
The inside one of the class rooms


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